Konitsa is undoubtedly one of the most outlying areas not only the continent but all over Greece. H Konitsa town is 64 km from Ioannina and amphitheater is built on wooded slopes Trapezitsa at an altitude of 600m. In front lies the valley of Konitsa and Klidonia, who crossed three rivers: Aoos, Voidomatis and Sarantaporos. Terrain, and so majestic landscape complement the solid mountains of Grammes, Smolikas of Gamila.
Konitsa is a city built in the traditional Continental-style architecture. We admire the stone buildings, old houses to keep from the Turkish period, the churches and monasteries that are a real gem for area, the cobbled streets, traditional stone bridges and numerous cultural monuments. This is the absolute alignment of yesterday and today. At each step, you'll think you've turned many years ago, and historical figures of the site will wander in air, but will also have the opportunity to test their endurance your extreme sports and many other modern activities. And all tied up with a great way to impress.
You'll find life and vibrancy to Konitsa because, apart from young people in recent years has become a center of extreme sports! In recent years Konitsa has become a capital of alternative tourism is fair because it has a charismatic geophysical feature next Zagoria and amidst unique natural beauty. Outdoor sports, alternative forms of tourism and international competitions such as Evathlos attract Greek and foreign visitors.


There are 4 hotels in this location.
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Grand Hotel Dentro 3 Stars

9802 Hits • Address: Κόνιτσα Ιωαννίνων, Konitsa (Area map)

Grand Hotel Dentro embodies the rich Greek tradition of warm hospitality. It offers you a comfortable residence in the unique beauty of the region of Konitsa. Our guests enjoy a unique combination of high quality services in a friendly, comfortable, modern and luxurious environment. We make sure you have everything you need to meet your vacation needs. Whether you travel for business, romance, or in a family arrangement, our hotel promises you a most pleasant stay.

Villa Rustica - Luxury Mansion 4 Stars

10491 Hits • Address: Κόνιτσα, Konitsa (Area map)

The name of the band is coming from Roman times. Villa Rustica As the season was characterized by large agrepafleis - the most common way of economic organization in the provinces of the Roman Empire which were owned by Greek or Roman nobles filoromaion. The fathers of modern Villa Rustica, created the band near the site discovered the archaeological remains of the Roman Villa Rustica period.

The complex, which is the inspiration and creation of Christos and Helen awaits visitors to relax the area and allow them to leave a little away from the stress of everyday life.

Artemis Apartments 4 Keys

9620 Hits • Address: Κόνιτσα, Konitsa (Area map)

Welcome to our webpage,

At Konitsa, the city of adventure and sports, next to the Aoos River and the traditional Konitsa bridge you can find the “Artemis” apartments. They are located just 15 minutes away from the beautiful villages of Zagoria.

The “Artemis” apartments are open all year long, so you can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant staying in a beautiful and cozy environment, no matter what season of the year you choose to spend your vacations in Konitsa. We hope to welcome you soon in our area and offer you a taste of our famous hospitality.

Hotel Konitsa Panorama 3 Stars

9149 Hits • Address: Κόνιτσα, Konitsa (Area map)

The hotel was built by people with taste and artistry to provide a destination for holidays and high-level base for those who want to discover the natural beauty of one of the most pristine areas of Greece.

The hotel is a hostel with such traditional Epirus architecture. It offers an ideal choice for those who choose alternative tourism. Located in Konitsa and is open all year.

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